50 Arrow Gallery Custom Shape Magnets


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Introducing the 50 Arrow Gallery Custom Shape Magnets – a unique and distinctive way to add a touch of personality to any magnetic surface. These magnets are expertly crafted using the die-cut technique, resulting in flexible and highly durable pieces that truly stand apart.

Made with premium vinyl material, our custom shape magnets not only offer exceptional quality but also ensure their longevity. The flexible nature of these magnets allows them to conform to various surfaces while maintaining their original shape. With a black backing, they seamlessly blend into any background, creating a sleek and professional look.

Choose from our selection of five different sizes to find the perfect fit for your decorating needs. Whether you desire a subtle accent or a bold statement piece, our range of sizes ensures that you can showcase your artistic flair exactly as you envision.

Please note that the cut line on a printed product may appear slightly different than in our mockups, as each magnet is individually crafted with precision.

Embrace the opportunity to express your creativity with the 50 Arrow Gallery Custom Shape Magnets. Whether you’re decorating your fridge, workspace, or any magnetic surface, these magnets will add that extra touch of artistic charm. Please remember to provide one design file per magnet to ensure accurate customization.

Order now and elevate your magnetic displays with the unique and eye-catching designs of the 50 Arrow Gallery brand. Let your creativity shine and make a statement that stands apart.

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