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Begay, Nate

Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a child in first grade, I used to illustrate stories written by classmates. I continued on this creative, exciting path into my teens and beyond. I started with black and white photorealism at a very young age. I tried to go to school and earn a degree in visual communication but found myself bored with the process.

In my early twenties, I came across an opportunity to work alongside my favorite artists in the game. Artists like Bahe Whitethorn, Johnson
Yazzie, and Irving Toddy. Many, many years of learning and practice. I made my transition into color after discovering graffiti. I got into tattooing, invested five years in creating art on other people’s bodies. My artistic spirit wanted more, and nowadays, you can find a camera in my hand, with the latest venture in digital art on an Ipad.

Almost forty years and thousands of pieces of work later. My love and passion for art are just as strong as when I was a child. That passion has motivated me and allowed my body of work to be displayed worldwide. That drive has given me a chance to share my rich culture and history with all who see what I paint. Every time I put paint onto a canvas, everyone gets to see my heart. I share the stories and the love of my people with every brushstroke and use of colors.

I am a Dine’ (Navajo) artist from Flagstaff, Arizona. I represent 22 tribes from this state and over 600 in North America.

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