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Lisa Brown was (b.84) raised between Washington, D.C., and Compton, CA. She has a strong passion for film photography and darkroom printing, which she has been pursuing since a young age. It’s great to hear that she’s continuing to develop her skills and knowledge through formal education, as a candidate for the MFA program at Maryland Institute of Art College and holds a degree in Africana Studies.

Lisa is actively involved in the artistic community, as a member of Black Women Photographers,Sibyls Shrine, and Art Table. She values the power of connecting individuals to communities and finds support and inspiration from her peers while nation-building amongst women of the diaspora. Lisa is a mother of two girls 24 and 17.

Lisa has received recognition from the Pittsburgh Art Society, Black Is Magazine, and Dayton Art Institute. These achievements are a testament to her talent and hard work and motivate her to continue pursuing her passion for photography and darkroom printing. She is mentored by, Titus Heagins, who is providing guidance and support as she continues to grow as an artist.

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