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Turner, Jen

Belchertown based collage artist, Jen Turner, has been actively curating and re-interpreting images since 2013. Using the moniker “visual mash-ups” is a nod to the interplay of words and art used in the collage itself.

The art pulls inspiration from natures life cycle – lush green landscapes, ocean waves, decaying buildings to ordinary people living their lives. A careful curation process is then used, and objects are layered. Everyday items may become focal points, fantastical images in others. Every piece is open to the interpretation of the viewer and discussion is encouraged on the layers that are uncovered within.

Jen has had her work shown in a variety of spaces throughout Western Massachusetts including UMass (2013), Salon 241 (2015), Palmer Public Library (2016), the Green Bean (2017), Art Farm (2018), Holyoke Hummus (2019), and most recently at 50 Arrow Gallery (2022).

She is proud to be a part of the Flat File Program and looks forward to meeting everyone.

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