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This exhibition is one that will invoke deep felt emotions & will test your own definitions of Perceptions & Perspectives. Many of these views are reflective of life altering events, past & present, personal & events happening here in Amerikkka. Some that are pivotal in my own Perceptions of what should be. My Perspectives can sometimes be a little much for the mental, but both will challenge folks to question their own Perceptions & Perspectives on the happenings in the world. Many pieces will touch on extremely personal events for all that read & look into my work. There’ll be no need to read between the lines, it’s right there for you to see. –David Andrews


They Love Until

Wounded Since the Womb

Your, Mine, Ours

Can’t Breathe Nor Sleep

Fight Circle

It’s Them Not You

Jesus Me

Just Some Suggestions

Let It Go

Mont. Folding Chair

My Black Perspective

My Brother

Our War



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