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Show Opening

This show will open on Saturday, May 4th, from 4pm-7pm and run until June 1st.

About the Artist

Qrcky’s passion for art began in the seventies in southern Virginia, where art was not a part of his family’s culture. Despite this, Qrcky was captivated by the works of Chuck Jones, Norman Rockwell, and Bob Ross and would spend hours attempting to replicate their styles while watching cartoons.

However, it wasn’t until two decades later, after enduring a difficult marriage and subsequent relationships, that Qrcky returned to art as a form of self-expression. Drawing on the creative freedom he felt as a child, Qrcky found solace in painting and discovered his unique voice.

To fully immerse himself in his art, Qrcky isolated himself from friends and family, allowing himself to focus and create his most vital work while experiencing emotional distress and displacement. Through this process, Qrcky found a sense of contentment and wholeness in his art.

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