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[Easthampton, MA – March 9, 2024] – 50 Arrow Gallery is thrilled to announce the unveiling of its latest exhibition, “Resonance Advisory Council”, featuring the captivating works of artists Alyssya and Gerald Clark. In alignment with our commitment to implementing a Community Care Policy, the artist reception has been rescheduled to March 23rd from 5 to 8 PM at the gallery located at 116 Pleasant St. Suite 136 Easthampton MA 01027.

“Resonance Advisory Council” promises to transport attendees into a realm of expressive visioning and introspective exploration. Alyssya Clark, a Western Mass local and new mother, brings her emotive artwork to life, guided by the depths of her feelings. Gerald Clark, a true traveler at heart, shares his unique perspective through installations that weave stories along perceptual paths, drawing inspiration from the beauty found in nature’s minutiae.

The exhibition invites visitors to delve into a space imbued with the essence of tea and resonant with unspoken dialogues. It celebrates the subtle yet profound connection between inner reflections and external expressions, inviting viewers to participate in the formation of a language that articulates the ineffable qualities of the human experience.

“We are excited to unveil ‘Resonance Advisory Council’ and invite art enthusiasts, community members, and seekers of inspiration to join us for this immersive experience,” says Jason Montgomery, Gallery Director. “Alyssya and Gerald Clark’s works embody the essence of our gallery’s mission – to provide a platform for artists to engage with audiences in meaningful dialogue and exploration.”

The artist reception on March 23rd promises an evening filled with artistic discovery, stimulating conversations, and a shared appreciation for the transformative power of art. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the artists, engage with their works, and contribute to the evolving narrative of the exhibition.

Event Details:

  • Exhibition: Resonance Advisory Council by Alyssya and Gerald Clark

  • Artist Reception: March 23rd, 5-8 PM

  • Location: 50 Arrow Gallery, 116 Pleasant St. Suite 136 Easthampton MA 01027

For more information, please visit or contact or 860.214.6214.

Join us as we embark on a journey of resonance and discovery at 50 Arrow Gallery’s “Resonance Advisory Council” exhibition.

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